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Makita | MAK/HP2070 | 2-Speed Impact Drill – 20mm

Makita | MAK/HP2070 | 2-Speed Impact Drill – 20mm


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About this item – MAK/HP2070

Technical Specification of MAK/HP2070

Continuous rating input 1,010W
Capacities Concrete: 20mm Steel: Hi:8mm Lo: 16mm


Wood: Hi: 25mm Lo: 40mm

No load speed / Impact per min Hi: 0-2,900r/min Lo: 0-1,200r/min / Hi: 0-58,000 Lo: 0-24,000
Overall length 362mm
Net weight 2.5kg
Power supply cord 2.5m
General Details: A drill?or?drilling machine?is a?tool?primarily used for making round holes or driving fasteners. It is fitted with a bit, either a?drill?or?driver, depending on the application, secured by a chuck. Some powered drills also include a?hammer function. Drills vary widely in speed, power, and size, they have characteristically corded electrically driven devices, with hand operated types dramatically decreasing in popularity and cordless battery-powered ones proliferating, the technical specifications of MAK/HP2070 are mentioned above.